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this message. >>> you're looking to get more bang for your buck in higher education? you're in a good place. this year four d.c. schools have been named the list of the best value private colleges. georgetown is in the top 20 nationwide. george washington, american university and catholic university are also in the top 100. the kip'inger's list is based on academic quality and cost. the university of richmond and johns hopkins were the top schools in virginia and maryland. yea! at least something about our area, right? >>> now, if it's a job that you're looking for, though, one high-tech firm is among the fastest growing companies in the area. they've hired hundreds of new employees and plans to hire more. tracee wilkins takes a look at the thriving office in a space that's anything but average. >> so the concept here is, we've taken 100,000 square foot warehouse and we built a town inside of it. >> vokus provides an unusual work environment. >> as you go by the barbershop here, this is actually a conference room. >> it also has a candy store, a coffee shop and a main hallway better known a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1